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Charles Bernitz


Having provided the initial spark behind DGC back in 2014, Charles continues to be instrumental in the company’s ongoing growth.

A serial entrepreneur, he previously partnered with numerous start-up businesses. He also led on three Nasdaq stock market launches, successfully taking a varied trio of private companies public.

While Charles has always enjoyed kick-starting fledgling businesses, his real passion lies in challenging established industries that are set in their ways.

His retirement at the age of 55 was by no means the end of his dedication
to DGC. Now as chairman, he continues to help steer and shape the organization’s future in the regulated US iGaming market.

Ken Jarvis


With more than 45 years of experience across a range of business areas, chiefly in IT, Ken has earned a reputation for superior strategizing, project planning and control implementation, and for his inspiring management approach.

But what really triggers his enthusiasm is collaboration: he enjoys working with multiple groups to transform a strategy into business-boosting IT systems.

Over the last two decades, Ken has excelled in several executive positions, powering both private and government entities across gaming, finance, business services, manufacturing, health, communications and mining. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he has also served on listed boards, audit committees and was the chairman of two remuneration committees.

As CEO of DGC, his goal is to ensure the right strategies, systems and people are in place to deliver the company’s vision and ensure its success into the future.